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  1. Advisory: Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) to break the cycle of violence today

  2. Alarm Permits (LA Office of Finance)

  3. Alarm System

  4. Apply to Cary Concealed Weapon (CCW)

  5. Are there Neighborhood Watch groups?

  6. Bad Check Restitution

  7. Becoming a Police Officer

  8. Bike Riding Law and Information

  9. Can Get a DUI on a Bicycle?

  10. Can I Clear a Warrant?

  11. Can I findout if Someone Died in California

  12. Can I Park There?

  13. Can Spouse Keep Me From Seeing My Child?

  14. Car Fix-It Ticket

  15. Car Parked in front of my house - Report Extended Parked Car

  16. Car Towed / Locating your Car

  17. Child Seat Installation / Car Seat

  18. Child will not go to school or listen to me

  19. Children and Family Services (DCFS)

  20. Construction Noise

  21. Contact info for LAPD West Valley

  22. Contact Information for LAPD Valley Divisions

  23. Contact Information for Non WestValley

  24. Disposal of unwanted, unused or expired drugs information

  25. Do Arrest or Bench Warrants Expire?

  26. Do I Have a Warrant for My Arrest?

  27. Do I have to give my name when I call 911?

  28. Does West Valley LAPD have a Newsletter?

  29. Dog Barking and Animal Noise

  30. Domestic Violence

  31. Eviction - Does LAPD get involved?

  32. Extra Patrol Requests

  33. Fingerprinted

  34. Gardening Noise

  35. Getting Neighborhood Watch Signs

  36. Graffiti - Removal, Reporting, Supplies

  37. Handicap (Disabled) Parking

  38. homelessness Encampment

  39. How do I check on the status on a missing person?

  40. How Long to Wait to Report Someone Missing?

  41. I lost my .... How do I check if it was turned in?

  42. Identity Theft Report Update Contact

  43. IRS Warns Taxpayers to Guard Against New Tricks by Scam Artists

  44. Is my Friend in Jail / Custody?

  45. Is There an ATM Machine at the West Valley Station?

  46. LAPD Crime Maps for My Area

  47. LAPD West Valley Community Relations Office (CRO)?

  48. LAPD West Valley The History

  49. Loud Noise Party Music

  50. Next Door - What is?

  51. Nixle - Live updates on Police activity

  52. Noise, Music or Live Band at Park

  53. Parking at a broken, jammed, or defective meter

  54. Parking once the sanitation sweeper cleans the street

  55. Parking Ticket - Payment, Contest, Lost

  56. Police Report Get Update

  57. Preven Crime Tips: Street Robbery prevention tips

  58. Prevent Crimes Tips: Beware of people claiming to be DWP, telemarketers, and escrow agents, who ask for money.

  59. Prevent Crimes Tips: Don't become a victim of vehicle theft (GTA - Grand Theft Auto)

  60. Prevent Crimes Tips: General Theft Prevention Tips

  61. Prevent Crimes Tips: Leaving town for the holiday weekend? Make sure your home is safe and secure

  62. Prevent Crimes Tips: Notes from a burglar....what I don't want you to know!

  63. Prevent Crimes Tips: Residential burglary prevention tips

  64. Prevent License Plate Theft

  65. Prevent Mail Theft

  66. Releasing Impound Car

  67. Report animals running loose in my neighborhood?

  68. Report Crime

  69. Reporting car break-in

  70. Request Copy of Report

  71. Riding Bike on Sidewalk

  72. SCAM: Asking for $, Claiming Warrants

  73. SCAM: ATM Customers Protect Your Security PIN

  74. SCAM: Blessing Scam Targets Chinese Community

  75. Scam: Bogus Newspaper Subscription Renewal Notices

  76. SCAM: How to Protect Yourself Against Consumer Frauds and Scams

  77. SCAM: IRS Phishing Remains on the IRS Dirty Dozen List of Tax Scams for the 2015 Filing Season

  78. SCAM: IRS is Calling...

  79. SCAM: IRS Warns Financial Institutions of Scams Designed to Steal FATCA-Related Account Data

  80. SCAM: Tips to Avoid

  81. SCAM: Watch Out for Tax Scams as Filing Season Opening Nears

  82. Should I call 911 or the Police?

  83. SLO: Who is my (Senior Lead Officer)?

  84. Street Light is Out

  85. Street Services Request

  86. Suspicious Activities

  87. Suspicious Activity

  88. Suspicious Person or Car

  89. Taking Recyclables from Trash Container

  90. TDD/TTY 911 usage (unable to speak)

  91. Traffic Accident Report What To Do

  92. Traffic Accident/Collision

  93. Traffic Light, Stop sign Issues

  94. Traffic ticket - What to do

  95. Trespass Arrest Authorization

  96. Twitter, how to Report Abusive Content to Law Enforcement

  97. Using Cell Phone for Emergencies

  98. Volunteering at LAPD West Valley

  99. West Valley Facebook - Live Updates via Facebook

  100. What is Boosters?

  101. What is CPAB?

  102. What is End of Watch Memorial Wall honors LAPD?

  103. What is MyLA311?

  104. What kind of guns do officers use?

  105. What programs are available for kids?

  106. What To Do if I am Homeless?

  107. Why an LAPD Helicopter is Circling Above My Home

  108. Will I Get My Stolen Car Back?

  109. Youth Bicycle Helmets: Minors - bicycle, a nonmotorized scooter, or a skateboard

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