Graffiti - Removal, Reporting, Supplies

Graffiti - Removal, Reporting, Supplies

Get graffiti removed right away to deter additional vandalism!
If you see graffiti in progress, call the LAPD non-emergence line: 877-ASK-LAPD (275-5273)

Report graffiti to:   

  • In West Valley call 818-855-8885
  • Smartphone: install the app MyLA311 - Available to download for free from the iTunes and the Google Play stores.
  • Online:
  • Call: Dial 311 within the city of LA between 8:00am and 4:45pm and asked to report graffiti - outside LA number: (866) 452 2489

Provide the details of the graffiti, including the street, the cross street, the surface, the color and what floor (roof, 2nd level, etc).

What if the graffiti comes back?   
Simply call the Graffiti Removal Hotlines again and request that the graffiti be removed again. However, if a location is frequently targeted by taggers, property owners or local residents are encourages to remove the graffiti themselves as soon as it appears. This is much more effective than continually calling the hotline to request service since the graffiti will remain for several days prior to removal, possibly attracting more graffiti. Contact Operation Clean Sweep, they will provide paint, rollers and other supplies to persons interested in removing graffiti themselves.  

Graffiti is handled by Bureau of Public Works - Operation Clean Sweep.  Website:


LAPD West Valley Serving the Communities of: Encino, Lake Balboa, Reseda, and Tarzana



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