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West Valley Area is sending alerts and message via Facebook with info on current alerts or information. You will now know what occurred around the corner from you that you would not have known about otherwise.

Use this information to better secure your residence, tell your neighbors to be aware, and to take those preventive measures to help secure your family. To sign up:

LAPD West Valley Serving the Communities of: Encino, Lake Balboa, Reseda, and Tarzana

General Information

  1. Car Parked in front of my house - Report Extended Parked Car
  2. Graffiti - Removal, Reporting, Supplies
  3. homelessness Encampment
  4. Dog Barking and Animal Noise
  5. West Valley Facebook - Live Updates via Facebook
  6. Contact info for LAPD West Valley
  7. Does West Valley LAPD have a Newsletter?
  8. Bike Riding Law and Information
  9. Youth Bicycle Helmets: Minors - bicycle, a nonmotorized scooter, or a skateboard
  10. What is Boosters?
  11. Riding Bike on Sidewalk
  12. What is CPAB?
  13. Nixle - Live updates on Police activity
  14. What kind of guns do officers use?
  15. Report animals running loose in my neighborhood?
  16. Eviction - Does LAPD get involved?
  17. Is There an ATM Machine at the West Valley Station?
  18. Fingerprinted
  19. Street Light is Out
  20. Traffic Light, Stop sign Issues
  21. Street Services Request
  22. Can Get a DUI on a Bicycle?
  23. Do I have to give my name when I call 911?
  24. Loud Noise Party Music
  25. Gardening Noise
  26. Construction Noise
  27. Twitter, how to Report Abusive Content to Law Enforcement
  28. Child will not go to school or listen to me
  29. Can I Clear a Warrant?
  30. Releasing Impound Car
  31. Can Spouse Keep Me From Seeing My Child?
  32. Parking at a broken, jammed, or defective meter
  33. Parking once the sanitation sweeper cleans the street
  34. Traffic ticket - What to do
  35. Disposal of unwanted, unused or expired drugs information
  36. Can I findout if Someone Died in California
  37. Alarm Permits (LA Office of Finance)
  38. Children and Family Services (DCFS)
  39. Contact Information for Non WestValley
  40. Next Door - What is?
  41. Using Cell Phone for Emergencies
  42. What is End of Watch Memorial Wall honors LAPD?
  43. Noise, Music or Live Band at Park
  44. Bad Check Restitution
  45. LAPD West Valley The History
  46. What is MyLA311?
  47. Child Seat Installation / Car Seat
  48. Suspicious Activity
  49. TDD/TTY 911 usage (unable to speak)
  50. What To Do if I am Homeless?
  51. Suspicious Activities

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